League of Augsburg on the road in 2014

Action from Partizan May 2013 - Flanders cavalry action!
The LoA is doing a lot of stuff this year. This takes various forms:

We will have demonstration or participation tables at the following shows for definite:

Carronade May 10th Falkirk.
Partizan 1 June 1st Newark.
Claymore August 1st  Edinburgh.
Partizan 2 September 7th Newark.
Targe  Novemeber 1st? Kirriemuir.

In addition we will have trade presence for Warfare Miniatures at all of the above shows plus

Salute April 12th Excel Arena London.

There is also a possibility of an appearance at Historicon in Fredricksburg
17th - 20th July.

The gaming weekenders we have running fall on
Action from our Autumn 2012 weekender set in Ireland

21-23 March in Dumfries.
10-12 October in Derby.

In addition we are likely to run an invitation only re-fight of the Battle of Aughrim some time between June and September, venue to be arranged.

There may well be announcements of other stuff but I think this is quite enough for now. We need to get the Warfare figure range expanded by about 50% in 2014, release 2 books and a host more flags from Quindia Studios.

Happy days!