Les Français arrivent! French troops at Crisis 2017!

French Dragoons both mounted and dismounted supported by a mortar

I had to make a choice - Blog or paint. I decided in the interest of having things to blog about, I should paint!

Crisis is approaching fast and soon Captain Haddock, Cookie Gwen and myself, the Old Codger, will be sailing the High Seas to Ijmuiden for our road trip to the centre of Belgian wargaming - Antwerpen.

One figure to finish on this unit (back right)

Not wishing to compete with a 20 foot Battle of Poltava which will feature several thousand Warfare Miniatures at the show, Toggy and I are gaming something modest, Flanders focused and Frenchified!

A hybrid unit painted by Toggy and I at various points

We have a load of dragoons both French and Allied together with Maison du Roi regiments and some nice Grand Alliance battalions.

From our collection painted by Rob Goodier

I have been furiously painting, basing and flagging the forces for this week and here are a few of the newly completed pieces which will debut at Crisis.
Although I was under a little pressure to get this lot completed I very much enjoyed finishing a unit of dragoons (minus a single figure as I ran out of stock!).

converted Russian artillerists - now French

We will be using BLB3 The War of Three Kings and if we're quiet at some point and anyone wants to see the mock ups of the new book I can show you them! Just ask.

Lovely to paint the French Dragoon Command pack

We'll have the full range of products with us on Saturday so come along to see the game, have a chat and see some of the new toys!