Let's be positive... it was an outstanding victory!

The Greek line spots the attacking Egyptians

Dave and Colin were introduced to the delights of galley warfare through a little Friday night scenario. Dave assumed the mantle of the heroic Greeks whilst Colin donned the robes of the Persian Empire as an Egyptian squadron off the eastern coast of Greece in 480 BC.

The Greek squadron turns to face the threat

Equal forces and a variation on the scenario I posted a fews days ago. The Greeks, sailing in line for the coast are waylaid by a wedge formation of Egyptian ships.

The convex Greek formation awaits the Egyptian attack

I used some different ships for the Greek squadron from those used in the first scenario to add a little colour. The Greeks changed course and formed a crescent with their left flank anchored on the little offshore island. The Egyptians maintained their arrow formation and thrust into the gaping maw of Davos's ships.

The height of the battle - the Egyptians are being overwhelmed everywhere.

The first move was made by the Greek triakonter which attacked and eventually overcame its counterpart. The  inexperienced Egyptian trireme Cat attempted to rake the ship of the Greek hero Xander and although moderately successful, the Egyptians were unprepared for the ferocity of  Xander's attack and his marines launched themselves across onto the enemy ship. After a sharp fight Cat was beaten into surrender. 

Sinai burns and Akhanaten is attacked by three ships

The Egyptian hero Chaldies brought his ship Crocodile alongside Cat and his marines beat back the Greeks retaking her although in his moment of triumph, Chaldies was felled in combat and his men were so demoralized that they too surrendered thus, three Egyptian ships had been quickly overcome and captured.

Roster sheet

The trireme Sinai fell into combat with the Greek Hoplon. As so many Greeks fell in the fight they deemed it best to set their prize alight and sail back into the battle as the Egyptian flagship -Akhanaten drove forward to attack the Greek flagship - Swallow. As it bore down upon Admiral Davos's ship the Egyptian vessel was firstly rammed on the starboard side by Sea Nymph and as the furious combat raged across these three ships the victorious Hoplon rammed Akhanaten from the stern. Despite a heroic last stand, the last Egyptian ship was overwhelmed and Admiral Abanoub slain.

A view of the battle just before the climactic attack by Admiral Abanoub.

What a carve up! Five ships lost for none in return. The rules worked well and gave a pretty fast flowing game. I think the lads enjoyed it although it was a nightmare battle for the Egyptians