LoA on tour over the years..

Neerwinden 1693 at Partizan perhasp in 2008 or 2009?

Holowczyn at Partizan perhaps 2009

On the eve of yet another Partizan show I thought I would make one of those occasional breaks with the 17th century and show case our breadth of offering over the many years we have spent on the show circuit.

bijou Normandy game at Carronade around 2010

Dark Age Late Romans roamin' in the gloamin' about 2003  at Claymore 

Most of the assets featured in the posts are still in my possession in full or in part and maybe I need to start being a little more selective in what I keep otherwise as I get older my house may have to be up-sized rather than downsized.

One of several runs at Borodino 1812 possibly at Claymore in 2011

I am into Napoleonics there is no doubt - A section of Waterloo Carronade about 2012

I have been the constant member of the band since the beginning in 1992. Others have come and gone, some making significant contributions, others coming along for the ride which for the most part, was fine.

Genappe scenario 1815 - can' t remember where but the shot was used in WI

Bautzen day 2 at a LoA weekender

These days the hard core is Toggy and myself and its been that way for about five years now. Dave gets along as much as he can and also makes a great addition to the table and team. Tog is a major contributor and our effort this weekend is almost a solo Tog-Fest based around his very substantial Napoleonic horde.

1854 Tchernaya - played as a test for the unreleased FOUR EMPIRES rules

I talked about this game in Victoria with the Don of gaming - Featherstone in about 2003

This was as much a journey down memory lane for me as a sharing exercise. Too many collections and not enough time.

My TYW collection which lives not too far away from me now.. Out often in the late 1990s

My debut at Crisis about five years ago... something in Ireland I remember

No doubt on the five hour car journey we'll explore the options for the next outing which is going to be Crisis in Antwerp.

Lvov 1939 - I loved the early war Eastern Front stuff - Partizan or Claymore

The LoA it truly international as our US Chapter is represented by my main creative partner and pal Clarence Harrison. I am proud to say we have presence in the fine state of Virginia.. no better location in North America I reckon!

Across the Pond - CH & BH do LoA in the Land of the Free

And then, there is the potential revisit to Tactica in Hamburg in February. In the week when I finally got behind a mic with a guitar once again after a long time it has defintely got me thinking about my previous life as a muso on the road and whether I would like to get back to that again.

Here we are in Hamburg - cold terrain at a hot show 2016 GNW

Toggy, can you play drums?