Long time coming... Grand Alliance period mounted dragoons

French Dragoon Command

It has not been lack of intent on our side simply lack of time and other priorities that have prevented us getting these models to a stage where we can share how they look with you.

French Dragoon Troopers pack 1

We recognize that they will not be without controversy either but more of that later. These pictures show the French Mounted Command and one set of French Dragoon troopers. We also have hat wearing dragoons who will be useable for a wide variety of nationalities including English, Jacobite Irish, Williamite Irish, Scots, Dutch, German (various States), Saxons and many more. a Command pack and a trooper pack here too.

Dragoon Troopers in hats Pack 1

What is coming behind these? A further trooper pack for the French and the same for the hat men. In addition, six troopers following the same pattern wearing fur trimmed stocking caps are next. Those will of course be useable for English, Jacobite Irish and Eppinger's Gard Dragonders.

Dragoon Command in hats

In addition to all of the above there will be a set of mounted and dismounted horse holders for all three styles - French, Hats, Caps. We have specific dragoons horses with a single pistol and hatchet etc and here is where the controversy may begin.

French Dragoon Command alternate view

We made a very conscious decision to use smaller, dragoon sized horses and not put them on larger cavalry style mounts. The proportions may not suit everyone but we feel very much vindicated in going for this look. Clibinarium wants to offer his own comments and those appear below.

French Dragoon Troopers pack 1 alternated view

Looking at the history of available dragoon models for the period I could not find evidence of any manufacturer going for a different horse size before. Much as I admire some existing sculpts (and have them in my collection) it appears available ranges have gone for universal horse and rider combos both for dragoons and cavalry.

Dragoon Troopers in hats pack 1 alternated view

As cautious fellows we have ensured that our new dragoons will fit both the dragoon sized horse and the larger animal for those who don't want their dragoons on diminutive mounts.

Dragoon Command in hats alternate view

The plan is get these to the market during the summer. I know, reading back on all the various posts and requests that these have been sought for a long time. Sorry for the wait but they are finally here.