Lots of lovely Russian regimental packs

I set up quite a lot of re-shoots for some of the items in the shop whilst photographing some new products. I am working my way through Russian unit deals so here are some of those which are now available in the Warfare Miniatures shop combined with some existing products revisited:

Russian two-gun battery with field guns and wagon @ £40

The popular RB1 Russian infantry in tricorne firing and loading @ £31

RB4 The dramatic Russian infantry in tricorne defending @ £31

RB5 A new battalion deal - Russian infantry in tricorne marching @£31

Another new battalion pack RB6 Russian infantry in kartuz firing and loading @ £31

Found in the Cossack section of the shop COSB1 - Cossacks advancing @£31 could fight for or against the Czar!

Finally for now Russian Dragoon regiment in tricorne (12 models shown but 18 in the unit) @ £50

Other combinations for battalions which are not quite ready for photography but can easily be put together to buy @£31:

RB2 Russians in tricorne all firing
RB4 Russians in tricorne ready
RB7 Russians in kartuz all firing
RB8 Russians in kartuz ready
RB9 Russian Grenadiers in fur cap ready.