Lots of New 28mm Releases & Partizan -10% discount

P04 Prussian musketeers firing

We have so much new stuff that I have not been able to get it painted and photographed for the web store.
P05 Prussian musketeers loading and priming

D05 Danish musketeers loading and priming

D04 Danish musketeers firing

New Prussians, Danes and Volunteers/Militia are cast and in stock here is a list:

D04 Prussian musketeers firing
D05 Prussian musketeers loading and priming
P04 Prussian musketeers firing
P05 Prussian musketeers loading and priming

V01 Militia/Rebels with muskets in coats

V02 Militia/Rebels with muskets in waistcoats

V03 Militia/Rebels with muskets in shirt sleeves

V01 Civilians/Militia in coats with muskets
V02 Civilians/Militia in waistcoats with muskets
V03 Civilians/Militia in shirts with muskets
V04 Civilians/Militia open handed in coats
V05 Civilians/Militia open handed in waistcoats
V06 Civilians/Militia open handed in shirts

V04 Militia/Rebels open handed in coats
V05 Militia/Rebels open handed in waistcoats

V06 Militia/Rebels open handed in shirt sleeves

As Warfare Miniatures will not be trading at the show (we are putting on a game!) None of the new products will be there unless pre-ordered for collection. I am offering the usual 10% discount on anything you would like to pre-order and collect at the show. This is not restricted to the items listed about but is available on the whole range.

Warfare USA will have all of these new products for sale within the next 3 weeks and Clarence will I am sure take preorders when he gets the stuff into the web store.

RHelion & Company will of course carry the existing range of figures at Partizan but will not have any of the codes listed above or the new Swedish Cavalry, other Danes and Prussians.

We also have a host of new flag sheets in the shop - 

WSS Danish Cavalry
WSS Danish Dragoons
WSS Prussian Cavalry
WSS Prussian Dragoons

For those of you unlucky enough to miss one of the UK's best shows, all of the above products are now available in the webstore (click on webstore)