Lots of painted Russians

Flagged with blue
Toggy commissioned a painting contact who he has been using to swell the ranks of his Napoleonic Austrians to paint a few regiments of GNW Russians for our TACTICA game.

Flagged as a 2nd battalion with 2 company colours in yellow
I was very pleased with the results when they arrived in EK for basing, piking and flagging!

The brush work is of a good standard and I chose to paint the pike staffs to match the uniform facing colours. I know some of the purists out there will be wringing their hands in horror but the last time I indulged in this kind of nonsense the consequences were both amusing and alarming.

Flagged with a rich dark green

I painted some Italian Wars Landsknechts with pikes coloured alternately in bands rather like a road crossing pole. I used Red and yellow I seem to remember. At that particular event there was, by coincidence another Italian Wars game. I think I knew the demonstrators and one of them came in to see us late in the day in high dudgeon.

My first home painted battalion flagged as Preobrazhenskoi Guards

Some punter had told them that their pikes were wrong! The League of Augsburg's pikes were alternate stripes and he wanted to know why they had not used the proper colours for theirs!!!

The Red Herrings and their coloured pikes
Maybe I can get the hares running again. Yes, yes, I know, they are supposed to be black but it's a hobby right?

in situ the Red faced green battalion
As can be seen I have used the separate command stand principle again which is proving to be very useful for getting the maximum use from the models.

The flags are of course from Quindia!

EDIT... added Gunter's video to the post...

As a post script (this post was due up today -March 5). A previous post about the Tactica game featured a battle shot of the red faced green battalion The link on TMP has prompted a question querying the green painted pikes).