Mad for War 4Play releases

Assurance versus Constant Reformation 1649

 I am very pleased to announce the release of the first 4Play scenario packs specifically designed for Mad for War. There are 16 packs which will be released over the next few weeks but the first batch of four is a nice cross section of some of the different conflicts of the late 17th century which will be covered by the series.

The Commonwealth Fleet

#12 Dip your Colours: 1st Anglo Dutch War

Appropriately, this pack deals with the commencement of the 1st Anglo Dutch War between Cromwell's Commonwealth and The Dutch Republic. It features two significant aspects of the war. The first battle under the White cliffs of Dover and the English attack on the Dutch Herring Fleet where in the protecting screen of Dutch frigates was swooped upon by the numerically inferior but more powerful heavy English frigates.

North American fight - D'Iberville versus Fletcher 1697

#20 Duels: War of Three Kingdoms/1st and 3rd Anglo Dutch Wars/ Nine Years War

This is a wonderful little collection of ship to ship duels set across four important conflicts within the period. The English feature in every battle:

1. 1649 Prince Rupert's Constant Reformation versus William Penn's Assurance

2. 1652 Robert Blake's James versus Marten van Tromp's Brederode

3. 1672 Edward Spragge's London versus Art van Nes's Eendraght

4. 1697 John Fletcher's Hampshire versus Pierre d'Iberville's Le Pelican

These duels will stretch and challenge.

The claustrophobic Battle of Vågen

#31 Rats in a barrel? The Battle of Vågen 1665. 2nd Anglo Dutch War.

Three scenarios for the fascinating battle fought by two anchored fleets in the harbour at Bergen, Norway. The Royal Navy on a secret mission to steal £500, 000, 000 worth of cargo from the Dutch East India Company. Clearly the company was not going to give up that kind of wealth without a fight.

The three scenarios are - the historical battle, a variant of the historical battle wherein the English include their flagship which did not participate and, a fireship attack which the English decided not to prosecute in reality.

The Scottish Navy 1689 - harrying French privateers off Ila.

#25 Celtic Seas The Nine Years War

Three scenarios set during the war of the League of Augsburg and featuring English ships of William III's navy against French warships. The first is Jean Bart's and Forbin's fight against two English frigates off Guernsey, the second is a battle between the Scottish Navy and Jacobite-French ships off the Hebrides and the third is Rooke's confrontation with Mosnier's French frigates off the Antrim coast.

All of these games can be played with Mad for War Essentials and the the two dimensional overhead play view ships contained in the rules. You don't have to paint a single model!