Mad for War Ark Royal Offer - Squadron Deals £49

For a limited time up until the release of  Mad for War to Pre-order customers we are offering some New Year Cheer at Sea!

To boost your fleets, we are delighted to offer our squadron deals at £49 instead of the normal £56. Buying the equivalent number of ship packs would normally cost £63. 

Royal Sovereign

A squadron is more than adequate to have an exciting game of Mad for War and get the whole battle finished in an afternoon or evening. 

Small warships ARD015

Fancy yourself as de Ruyter, Blake, Rupert,Tromp, Duquesne, Juel or Henry Morgan? If you want to start a little smaller, our ship packs are available at £19.50 instead of the normal £21.50 for the same period. 

Frigates ARD014

The offer will end when we receive the book for preorder distribution.

Cromwell's Navy

The following fleets packs are available:

Parliamentarian 1642-1653
Royalist 1648-1653
Commonwealth Home Waters 1652-1654
Commonwealth Mediterranean (Straits) 1652-1654
Dutch Republic 1652-1654
English 1665-1667 (2nd Anglo-Dutch War)
Dutch 1664-1667 (2nd Anglo Dutch War)
English 1672-1674 (3rd Anglo-Dutch War)
Dutch 1672-1678 (3rd Anglo-Dutch War)
French 1672-1678 (Franco-Dutch War)
English 1660-1684 (Tangier squadron)
French Privateer 1650-1700
Generic Privateer 1650-1700
Merchant fleet and Tyne colliers 1650-1700
Fishing fleet and escorts 1650-1700
VOC/GWC Indies Convoy 1640-1700

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Dutch Fleet 1630-1650