Mad for War is Coming!

Clarence Harrison - No! Really! We have nearly reached the summit of this mountain. We have one final chat scheduled within days and a final walk through. A few minor tweaks and we can send this project off to the printer! Weighing in at 180 pages, this tome is all you need (apart from a small fleet of model ships... have we mentioned we offer those, too?) to launch your bid for supremacy of the High Seas!

We'll be dropping various goodies and previews over the coming weeks, but we'll start the official Mad for War roster sheet:

Mad for War Roster

 For those who prefer, there is also a "printer friendly" version. There are lots of parchment packs available for inkjet printers and this will look great on one of those!

Mad for War Roster

Barry and I are very excited to see this project coming to its conclusion. Hopefully, you'll find the delay worth the extra effort we've devoted to mechanics and the presentation of Mad for War!

More soon!