May Special offer on 4Play scenario packs

Beneath the Lily Banners

To coincide with May Bank Holiday, there is a special offer on 4Play packs. The original idea is coming up on two years old and has been an unqualified success. There are thirty-seven titles plus five free titles. Each has three scenarios focused on a particular campaign or period. 


They cover all of our rule systems - Beneath the Lily Banners, Donnybrook, Mad for War and Republic to Empire. They offer compact, home or club based gaming scenarios in an accessible format.

Mad for War

They are priced between £3 and £4.50 but the special offer allows for any 10 packs in any mix to be obtained for £25. This offers a pretty significant saving of up to £16 if some of the larger packs are taken.

Republic to Empire

If you want to access the offer just email me at and specify your 10 chosen titles. I will send a paypal inoice and the scenarios will be sent by return. 

Donnybrook at Sea

Lots more 4Play to come. Happy May Day!