Media work

Been busy talking to some media moguls in the hobby over the last couple of weeks. I did a podcast interview for Henry Hyde's Battlechat Live 32 which seemed to fly by but actually lasted two hours. Well, Henry and I are never short of a word or dozen and the experience was candid and interesting. He has a nice interviewing style which opens the interviewee up before they know it. Henry is a stalwart of the hobby and always innovating.

Battlechat 32 Interview with Barry

Mr Hyde - Battle Chatter supreme

The podcast format is very nice to participate in and I was pleasantly surprised to actually get some emails to say that listeners had found it a good investment of time. I thought I was just rambling on actually!

We discussed doing it again and next time focusing on a shorter more subject specific topic. Let's see if that transpires. I think the broadcast goes out to subscribers first and then on general release this week or perhaps next.  Thanks Henry for the opportunity to witter on and for allowing the kind if somewhat face-reddening descriptions and comments on the link introduction and comments section.

Ten rounds of charges, countercharges, melees and capturing standards was had at WI HQ, Nottingham

This activity was followed by a visit to the centre of the hobby universe - Nottingham. After a lovely curry and lots of beer with Alan and Michael Perry, Nick Eyre of Northstar, Dan F of WI and Mark Shearwood - expert on all things related to the British Army of the 1680-1697 period - we recovered enough to do some gaming at WI HQ.

Mark played the Russo-Saxons and Dan the Swedes

Dan and Mark played a GNW scenario using With Talon and Claw with me umpiring. This also involved a photoshoot which will be accompanied by a full Batrep in Wargames Illustrated sometime soon. Following the game and shoot I did another interview this time on video for the magazine. I think these get uploaded to YouTube and the last two seem to have gone down reasonably well if the number of hits are to considered. We use Mark's lovely terrain and some of his collection supplemented by my own.

These are the videos, uploaded around the time that The War of Three Kings was released and after the last Partizan.

Only grinning because he was umpiring

War of Three Kings video review

WTK video interview with Barry

Best games at the Other Partizan 2019

The last link is another WI upload, this time showing the gaming highlights of the show. At the circa 30 minute mark there are some very nice shots of the League of Augsburg With Talon and Claw game.

Over the summer break I was able to pen a few pieces for Wargames Illustrated and talk with the French hobby magazine Vae Victis which I think may also run a piece on With Talon and Claw over the autumn period. It's been all go!