Militia - all painted

various pikemen - Sedgemoor? Derry? Boston?

It took a while but I finally got the lot painted and Toggy did some too! This post is just to illustrate the potential of these beautiful models.

Armed wth scythes, polearms and short pikes - Raparees? Huguenots? Town mob?

I really enjoyed painting them - so easy.

The musketmen - each has 4 arm variants so multiply the horde by four and there is still no duplication

The potential for these chaps is enormous - Donnybrook or BLB, individually based or multi based. I have even noticed that several could be double-armed ie; both hands drilled out which opens so nice possibilities.

Sabot base from Warbase - nice effect but keeping them usable for skirmishes - Donnybrook

Alternative angle on above sabot base

Anyway, whether you fancy any of the following, I think these boys will fit the bill:

Covenanters 1660-1685
Sedgemoor Rebels
General County militia
Jacobite Infantry
Enniskilleners or Derry Volunteers
The local levy against smugglers or pirates
Tangier garrison
Colonial New Englanders, Virginians etc
Irish Freemen in the Caribbean
Scots in Darien
English, French or Dutch in The Caribbean
English in West Africa
English or French in India
Dutch in the East Indies
Flanders Militia

Here are the six code painted:

V01 - Musketeers - coats

V02 Musketeers - waistcoats

V03 Musketeers - shirts

V04 - open handed coats by Toggy

V04 same code 

V05 open handed -waistcoats

V06 - open handed - shirt sleeves