Missing in action.. The Sleeper cell activates

A shot from a Walcourt game Toggy and I did for Warlord's Pike and Shotte rulebook

In the final week I fell at the hurdle. Work simply overwhelmed me and I was unable to get to the blog before the inevitable Christmas schmaltz experience engulfed me much to my traditional distaste for it all.

Battle of Tchernaya - DOB and I did this one a few years ago - I always liked this shot

In the last week during what I had intended to be a relatively easy wind down to 2016 I had to get the brush and pan out to clean up some more work doo doo laid by people who should have known better.

A long time ago... I still have all of this collection but it doesn't get out

So, as I sit in the post Boxing Day wreckage of my kitchen having played host to 30+ last night (I really must re-programme Mrs H's party ambitions to something more modest) I am relishing the prospect of a couple of idle days in which to catch my breath.

A Pirate Pulp game I played with Pat Connor.. lots of Ps in there

Sounds like Groundhog Day? Yes I agree but 2016 was an exceptionally busy year at work which has to some extent curtailed my hobby ambition. I could have done much more. I wanted to do much more.

when LoGW games were lots of fun.... Firebase in Vietnam

I will leave my reflections on the Hits and Misses of the year for a later post and for now, share some eye relaxation techniques with you. Skip through the pictures and breathe in. Feel better?

I blew up this Communist train once in Kazhakstan or somewhere

One of the tasks I have set myself over the down time period and have begun is the re organization of my photo archive. I have thousands of hobby related pix on file and my system of archiving was in need of a shake up.

Regrets? I've had a few.. Selling Schlammersdorff's is one such!

Of course, when you start this activity you end up looking at all the pix and it takes about four times longer than it should.

I was also a FoW nut - my Russians in action sometime, can't remember when

That's when you get annoyed with yourself for wasting time but then realize, that's what the photos are for in the first place! So I did take my time!

Big Battalion Napoleonics - we did this at Partizan one year

I think some daily posts for the next few days are in order starting with some shots from across the archive in all periods. Next will come various bits and pieces which I hope you all might get something from.

Oh come on.. It's Chirstmas and these are my Donnybrook DARK Zombies

I learned a new term from Radio 4 this week. The last hole in your belt is apparently called the 'Yule Hole' here in Scotland. Well. I did not know that. I have slackened my belt to the Yule Hole, got myself a coffee and some of my daughter's Christmas cake and am going to read D'Alton's Irish Army List... I know how to live on the edge.

Skane War action with the Swedes on the offensive