More WiP shots of the wagonburg construction - mobile gateway

During the evolving construction process

I fancied making a towed, mobile gateway for my wagon burg. The idea it that this feature guards the main entrance to the wagon fortress and, when necessary, can be towed out of the space it plugs to let troops in our out.

Creating a towing bar - probably need a lot of oxen for this beast

The design had no drawing or plan, it is built from instinct and evolved as I built it. The fundamental component was a failed attempt to build the firing screens seen in another post when I finally came up with a robust free standing design that could be re used.

The failed design - a 40 x 60mm section of 3mm balsa sandwiched between two glued layers of coffee stirring sticks became the front face of this mobile fort.

Trying it for fit - six singly based models fit comfortably.

The construction was a little tricky but not difficult. It is all built from lolly sticks, stirring sticks and balsa. The wheels are from a Warfare limber. The firing step on the inside takes six models and so the item becomes a hard cover, high linear obstacle housing a stand of musketeers - ideal for BLB.

Looks a little like some kind of Leonardo da Vinci construction

The paint job was easy - Chocolate Brown under coat, dry brushed in Old Wood then further dry brushed in Pale Sand. Washed down with Army Painter soft tone. Metallic pieces painted Black. Weathered by a rough dusting of Light Brown and muddied up with Leather Belt.

Pimping it up with extra defensive pieces - the shields

Lastly, it was matt varnished to dull it down. The shields were added from the Warfare Ottoman range.

A glimpse inside at the firing step

There is plenty of room inside for the models. The firing step is pretty broad. I needed a way of balancing the limber wheels under it and used a strengthening bracing strip across the width which not only adds rigidity to the model but acts as a perfect balance to overlay onto the projecting struts of the limber.

Ready to be limbered up to the beasts of burden and towed out of place to let troops in or out of the wagonburg

To give the commander of the Wagonburg orientation points for his orders, I put marker pennons on every fourth wagon and the mobile gate. These dress it very well.

Pennons now permanently positioned

The finished piece looks better than it deserves to but sometimes, spontaneous little projects turn out to be the most rewarding. It will begin its active service at Partizan on May 19th.


In position in the Wagonburg