National Museum of Ireland: 17th/18th Century exhibits

A little lead in on the late Elizabethan period with this musketeer and then the display moves on to cover

the 17th/18th century exhibits.  The section begins with a ' How would you invade Ireland?'  map with some notations on it.

We them go into the period of the Confederate Wars and the Cromwellian occupation. The mannequins were particularly good.

I was very taken by the simplicity of the Jacobite grenadier's uniform, particularly the very plain willie-winkie stocking cap which appears to be very practical. I think the grenadier represents a soldier at the first siege of Limerick. The colours seem to be those associated with John Bellew'a Regiment.

The decorative sword is that given by King William to the ancestor of David Archer! (previously featured in an article written for Wargames Illustrtated).

The secrete and swrod are of 1682 vintage. The plug bayonet is of the same vintage.

The Wild Geese theme post 1714 was very strong and their was an excellent video on the battle of Fontenoy. Remember Fontenoy!

Colour from the Irish Brigade - Montcashel's and their successors. 

The exhibits go right up to the 1798 'Year of the French' era. A 12 pdr Napoleon is a centrepiece in the 18th century gallery.