New Danish grenadiers and painted firing line

These fine chaps have been available for almost a year but I never got round to putting them in the shop! My fault completely. I had it in my mind to paint them first but that deadline slipped away again and again.

Anyway, we have sold a few dozen packs on request over the time period but I apologize for keeping them from you for so long.

The Danes retained grenadier companies of significant size with regiments even after the formation of the two battalion Grenadierkorpset at the beginning of the 18th Century. These are painted for Regiment Prind Georg and Regiment Sjaellandske.

I also finished painting the firing line and loading infantry codes for the Danes too. Painted as Regiment Jyske, these are equally fine chaps. Danish battalion packs are available on request and a nice Danish starter army deal with Horse and Artillery will be available to coincide with the release of With Talon & Claw which is finally finished!

More news on the book release and pre ordering very soon.