New GNW Swedish Artillery crew combinations

crew of 4 loading
crew of 4 loading
crew of 4 loading

When I received these master castings I couldn't wait to paint them. The 15 crew figures will be sold in three sets of five models.

crew of 4 re positioning

crew of 4 crew re  positioning
crew of 4 re positioning

One of the fifteen is missing from these shots as he didn't make it into the first master mould but I have included a shot of the green at the end to remind everyone that he is the chap covering his ear when the gun fires!

Shoot 1!
Shoot 2!

Shoot  3!

Although the models come in sets of five I have used our light artillery piece in these shots to produce some combinations representing a gun 'Running back' a gun 'Firing' and a gun 'Loading'

Lots of crew

There will be further blog pieces coming featuring the three sets as they will be sold from July 2016 and ideas on basing and other uses.

Last man on the right is missing

these two additional models are part of the set

Light gun featured above

hands will take powder barrel or fascine etc

For now enjoy these shots of some really outstanding artillerists..