New Horse and Musket rules from The League of Augsburg - Ireland test game Part 2

Jacobite left with light gun and dragoons in the redoubt.
Most of the action was on the Williamite left flank during the game although Dave's Horse did make aggressive moves towards the enemy left. Only one regiment actually charged. Zuylenstein's small Veteran Horse regiment after much hesitation and greatly reduced by the sniping of the enemy's cornfield lurking dragoons, struck the massed pikes of Bagnall's Recruits. Although the Dutch were wiped out to a man in the combat they did enough damage to break the brittle enemy pike block. The farmboys fled the field never to return leaving a significant hole in the line.

Bagnall's massive pike block was broken by 30 troopers from Zuylenstein's veterans
In the centre neither bodies of Horse could actually see each other to charge. Purcell's Jacobites remained just behind the crest whilst Wolseley's & Schomberg's Regiments stayed put just below the crest! This Irish stand off contineud from around T8 to the close at T19 without a charge being declared. An abortive attempt by Schomberg's to get round the left flank of Purcell's was stopped by the well placed Jacobite light gun.

Purcell's Horse, most expensive unit in the battle and never fought!
The battle was decided on the Williamite left centre. Funen's rebuff caused Brewer's large but inexperienced regiment to break also leaving Kirke's Veterans to shoulder the task of taking the hill. Although they did not take it the sucked in all of the Jacobite right allowing the Grenadiers to sneak through the abandoned redoubt and occupy the town by running round behind the Guards!

Wolseley's Enniskilliners arrive at the start of the battle
Stand fast Kirke's Lambs!
Ouch! that has gotta hurt!
In the shot above Dongan's Dragoons used the 'Command Decision' double move option to mount up and charge into Kirke's veterans. They were soundly beaten by the massive unit of infantry.

They're behind us! The Guards are outmanoeuvred.

The Guards had to then about face and recapture the position they voluntarily abandoned! This proved a task too far and they were wiped out by fire from the Grenadiers now inside the village buildings gifting victory to the Williamites.

The rules incorporate a senior regimental officer system each of which has a distinct character and contribution to various aspects of unit performance. This added a new dimension of flavour to the game making it very distinct from Beneath the Lily Banners.

I will continue to offer insights into our test games. The next game is a Great Northern War affair and here is the table, a more traditional 6 x 4 set up with four units per side.

A glimpse of the Narva game
Bob and Dave will provide their perspectives on the first test game in a post soon.