New Horse and Musket rules: Snow game 1 Narva

This was a mission based game. In structure it has several similarities to the Neerhespen 1693 scenario featured in WI and also used on one of our LoA weekenders. This adaptation was a nice vehicle to road test the new rules in a Great Northern War setting.

Narva 1700. Swedes on the left, the bridge(objective) on far right
In the dying stages of their great defeat at Narva the Russian army is attempting to hold open a bridge across a frozen river and evacuate any remnants of their shattered force. A Swedish pursuit force must try and quickly cut through the defence and capture the bridge thus trapping all Russian units on the wrong side of the river.

The Russian Force
Preobrazhenski Guards battalion (18 models) Veteran
Grenadier battalion (18 models) Drilled
Novgorodski Dragoon Regiment (18 models) Drilled
2 field guns in a battery Drilled

Preobrazhenski Guards prepared to make a last stand
The Swedish Force
Smalands Cavalry Regiment (12 models) Veteran
Bjornebergs/Abolans Cavalry Regiment (12 models) Veteran
Ostergotland Infantry Regiment (18 models) Veteran
Halsinge Infantry Regiment (18 models) Veteran

Abo & Bjornebergs Cavalry who will eventually reach the objective
The table was 6 x 4 feet and we played lengthways to make the pursuit a challenge. We played 19 turns but in many of these the End of Turn card appeared very early! For the first 4 or 5 moves the only Swedish unit able to move was the Halsinge Infantry Regiment who forged on up the slope of the hill alone. Several Russian unit cards appeared in the deck but Dave chose only to move the Novgorod Dragoons in the general direction of the hill.

The Novgorod Dragoons and Halsinge regiments advance blind

Cresting the hill they spot each other

The Russians react first swinging round to charge

The Swedes see the danger on their left

Luckily their card appears in the deck and they reposition!

It was inevitable that these two bodies would at some point spot each other and then react. This happened as they both crested the hill and swung in to face each other. The Russian Dragoons used the Command Decision rule to activate twice in the same turn - first changing facing and secondly charging. Halsinge stood firm, volleyed and braced for impact. In the ensuing melee the Swedes were victorious and Novgorod retreated back from whence they came.

Novgorod charge, Halsinge pass check , standing and firing

Novgorod brave the volley and crash home!

Swedish pikes and bayonets do the business and the Russians flee!
By now the rest of the Swedes were on the move. The Ostergotland Regiment moved towards the breastwork of the Preobrazhenski Guards who held their fire but used their attached Sharpshooter character to attempt to pick off Swedish characters. Ostergotland launched a charge and were repulsed after a bloody combat. They reformed under the very muzzles of the Guards.

Ostergotland's drummers add vital inches to their charge

The Guards volley fails to stop the Swedish charge

The Russian Guards fight like heroes and repulse Ostergotland
Meanwhile the Abo cavalry swept by this melee heading for the bridge. Despite fire from the Russian guns and the grenadiers who were now occupying the village near the bridge the cavalry pressed on. Halsinge moved down the slope of the hill but did not close further with Russian units. Ostergotland, despite terrible losses launched a second charge on the Guards and were once more repulsed with a single survivor and some characters.

Reformed, Ostergotland go a second time

And are devasted by the Guards

Only one figure survived but represented here by the colour party
Despite there outstanding performance the Preobrazhenski Guards were not able to save the game for the Russians. Abo reached the bridge and thus were deemed to have achieved the Swedish objective and won the game.

Abo cavalry slip through and reach the bridge - game over!
19 turns. Game length about 90 minutes.

Swedish win.