New Horse & Musket rules from League of Augsburg - Play test scenario

Williamite infantry brigade led off by Regiment Funen
I was excited to get this game on the table. Bob and Dave had never seen the rules before and I deliberately kept the content away from them during the play test. The idea was for them to experience the rules completely fresh. I acted as umpire, did all of the calculations and referencing when various points arose. From this we wanted to gauge the instinctive reaction to the experience.

We walked through the Force construction process together at the beginning which took a little time but it was worthwhile as Dave and Bob understood how the points system worked (yes, I have relented  and produced one).

Jacobite recruits on the high ground overlooking the enemy
The table was larger than the rules recommend but I explained the reasons for this in the first post in this series. The forces were double the normal size also which was a bit ambitious but it gave us an excellent game in the end.

I deployed the units before the lads arrived. The objective for the Williamite force which was about 15% larger than the defending Jacobites, was to attack uphill and take control of a village.

The Jacobite force:
Regiment of Veteran Horse (18 models)
1 light gun
1 field gun
Detachment Drilled Dragoons (12 models)
Regiment of Drilled Dragoons(18 models)
Regiment of Recruit pikemen (36 models)
Regiment of Drilled Foot (24 models)
Regiment of Veteran Foot Guards (24 models).
Troops point value: Characters points value: Total points value:

Williamite Grenadiers - veterans to a man!
The Williamite force:
Regiment of Drilled Danish Foot (30 models)
Regiment of Recruit English Foot (36 models)
Regiment of Veteran English Foot (36 models)
Detachment of  Veteran Grenadiers (18 models)
1 light gun
Regiment of Drilled Irish Horse (12 models)
Regiment of Drilled Irish Horse (12 models)
Regiment of Veteran Dutch Horse (6 models)
Troops point value: Characters points value: Total points value:

I will describe the characters attached to each unit in the next post. The visual impact of the large units is striking as can be seen in the accompanying photographs.