New PDF release: Protestant forces in Western Ireland 1689-1690

This PDF will I hope, provide much sought after information on the Protestant volunteer units which kept King William's cause alive in Ireland during the uncertain first years of his reign. 

I have drawn on multiple sources to put together the information contained here and Clarence has delivered his usual excellent standard of illustrations. 

Of course, we had to use some conjecture for flags in particular but, our suggestions are based on logical deduction based on conventions and precedents already set. 

This PDF, taken in conjunction with the Derry set of five pdfs gives what I believe is the most complete wargaming guide to the fighting men of Derry, Enniskillen, Sligo, Ballyshannon and Cavan during the all important first years of the bloody war in Ireland.

The text is detailed and includes the formation, officers, organization, uniforms, flags and weapons of the famed Enniskillen regiments.

The 12 Boyne PDFs detail both armies in the crucial campaign of 1690 and the supplementary PDF on Marlborough's Cork and Kinsale campaign adds further detail.

The eight Aughrim PDFs detail the Williamite Army in  1691. 

This leaves the next piece of research and compilation work which is already completed but, is yet to be formatted, to be released sometime later this year. It contains the full regimental histories from 1688 to 1691 of all  thirty Jacobite infantry regiments which fought at Aughrim and is likely to be released as four seperate PDF documents.  The total number of guides for regiments fighting in Ireland now totals 27 with a further 4 on the infantry to be followed by a set on the Jacobite cavalry.

I hope gamers and those interested in military history find this addition of value.

The new PDF is available in the shop now.Protestant Forces in Western Ireland 1689-1690