New pdf set : A Wargamer's guide to the Williamite Army at Aughrim

I have been working on this pdf set for two years and it is finally ready for publishing. It follows the format used in our successful Boyne and Derry series of pdfs.

Clarence has made some super contributions on artwork and we've updated certain information in light of continuing research and focus.

The contents follow this pattern:

A01. Modelling the Williamite Army and its senior officers
A02. The English & Welsh Infantry
A03. The Irish Infantry
A04. The Dutch Infantry
A05. The English & Irish Cavalry
A06. The Dutch Cavalry
A07. The Huguenot Infantry & Cavalry
A08. The Danish Contingent
A09. The Full Set

I have incorporated as much as possible the campaign histories of each regiment together with details of their officers, dress and equipment between their formation and 1714. I don't think anything has been done quite like this before so hopefully those interested and who like our pdfs will get some benefit from the research. It's a book's worth of material - 20k words + or so with A01 being an introduction, overview and reference list. 

We hope that it will give wargamers exactly what they need to build the regiments in Ginkel's army at one of Ireland's bloodiest battles. The price for each is £3 with A01 at £2.00. If the bundle deal is taken a significant discount takes the whole package down to £18.51 same as the Boyne set. The big difference with this guide is the level of detail on each individual regiment - we feature 27 infantry regiments, 18 cavalry regiments and 4 dragoon regiments.

They are now available in both the League of Augsburg store and in the Warfare Miniatures USA store.

If you are purchasing on the LoA site remember and choose the £0.01 postage option!