New product news from Warfare Miniatures

Set 1 - Lobster helmet, armour and swords

ECW/TYW Cavalry

These three codes will be released sometime in January 2018. It has taken them a long time to reach the market having been sculpted bout five or six years ago.

Set 2 lobster helmet, armour and pistols

There are currently nine sculpts eight of which are pictured here. The missing, pistol armed trooper in lobster pot belongs to set 2. In the photo a sword wielding trooper has been substituted in lieu of the missing model which was late through the production process.

Set 3 Soft hats and swords

There are two sets in lobster pot and armour one with swords drawn and the other with pistols. The third set has soft head gear and buff coats.

Trooper on large horse

Trooper on medium horse

Trooper on large horse

I will be offering the riders with a choice of horses. There are currently six available.

Trooper on large horse

I have commissioned a set of command to include an officer, cornet and trumpeter. They should be available sometime in March.

Troopers on medium and large horses

The saddles are integral to the figures and all are very easy and enjoyable to paint.

Ottoman Archers

Ottoman Turks

Currently under development we have a potentially very large series of models representing the Ottoman Turkish armies between 1480 and 1800.  As a taster we thought it appropriate to begin the new year with a glimpse at where this project is at the moment.

Matchlock musketeers standing and marching

Matchlock musketeer firing line

Ottoman Swordsmen

Ottoman two handed weapons

The very extensive selection of dolls is already being worked on to produce the first production models.