New Russians released!

Two codes R7 and R8 combined to give a sense of battalion mass

These have been in production for a few weeks and some people have already ordered them by private enquiry but the delay is all due to me. I wanted to get some samples painted properly before uploading them into the shop.

R6 With kartuz Ready

I am delighted with the sculpts and the style of head wear we went for in the end. It is of course not the square shaped kartuz/pokalem that has been commonly illustrated over many years but rather a felt cap in a kind of montero style which now seems to be favoured by Russian re enactors of the Great Northern War. We are taking this as a good sign.

R7 in an attractive colour combination

Otherwise, the uniform is pretty conventional. Clib has crafted some lovely variants on the poses which are of course mirrored in the tricorned versions as codes R01 and R02.

R8 with excellent loading poses

To demonstrate that not all Russian troops wore green coats I decided to paint some in quite a bright red (probably too vivid for the period but it ended up looking pretty nice when contrasted with the equally vivid green I chose.

R11 Pikes at the charge

The other combination is an off-white and crimson mix. This also is a bit of a digression from the standard green coat but I did find evidence of the combo in sources both uniforms are illustrated in Tacitus's GNW site.

R1 has proved very popular

Finally, the pikemen are super additions to the range. The hands need drilled out with a pin drill but this was a conscious decision we took and for the 30 seconds it will take you to drill out each hand the perennial pike and shot problem of 'pike-pinging' is gone for ever!

R2 compare with the poses in R8

A more detailed expo of all the codes will come soon but suffice it to say, the Russians have just had reinforcements and I am pleased to say the attacking/defending pack with fixed bayonets is not far behind!

R3 Musketeers at the ready in tricorne