New scenario pack releases- In the shop now!

I am absolutely delighted to have completed these four new scenario packs. They are now released and available in the online shop. These cover some exciting and unusual campaigns or, novel twists on better known campaigns. I will detail each in a separate post but suffice it to say, even if you are familiar with these events, you will find a new angle on each in the packs.
These are larger pdfs than the first batch with each now running to between 21 and 24 pages. The format has evolved since the first releases. I have taken on board customer feedback and requests in terms of the layout and content.
These scenarios are all land battles and features expanded table sizes including 36 x 48, 48 x 48 and 60 x 48 inches in size. I have also where necessary, allowed for arrivals and special scenario specific characters whilst maintaining the theme of 4 or multiples of four in table size, games turns and number of units.
Lots more to come but it was time to get these out and running. Enjoy!