New Warfare products - just in time for Christmas!

OK So we have a mix of great stuff on the run up to Christmas!

Some of it is available right now for shipping, some is to advance order as we'll have limited stocks for the first couple of months and we're giving our customers a chance to 'bags it' early.

Firstly let's introduce the new counter sets designed by the Harrison Brothers! The test sets we took to Historicon were a real hit and we sold out of pretty much everything during the convention. I brought some sets for personal use back to the UK but whenever we've used them, gamers have asked where and when they can get them.

I have limited stock of all pieces (Hurry! Get yours HERE) so here they are;

Order markers each set contains x 3 of each (18 pieces) @ £9.50 per set

The order markers feature outlines of some of Clarence's comic artwork featured both in BLB 2nd edition and the forthcoming BLB 3rd edition.

The second pack has some really nice markers for handling morale states and disorder.

Each pack contains x 3 of each  (12 pieces) @ £9.50 per set

The third gaming aid is a nice 'wheeling marker' which some take a little of the headache out of tricky manoeuvring.

The useful and attractive wheeling template @ £4.50

Everything is made from laser etched MDF. The size relative to 28mm miniatures can be seen in the photos.

Next.. the SA3 Swedish artillerists firing is now available make the total available for use as artillerists or engineers 15 models.

They look great mixed with a model from SA1 serving this light gun

Here they are:
SA3 Swedish artillerymen firing gun

The ramrod holder on the left in this set is replaced by an entriely new figure crouching and holding his hand to his ear!

Next we have the long awaited Mounted Dragoons in hats and Mounted Dragoon Command in hats. These are available for pre-order with the hope that we will ship before Christmas but if not, early in January 2017. 

They are covered by the Christmas discount offer. There is a limited stock order for the first production run so its over to you....

In addition, the matching French Dragoons and French Dragoons Command are also available for pre-order over the same timescale.

And the good news does not stop there. There will be an imminent release of code
R10 GNW Russian Infantry defending, some examples here:

It may be that about the same time we have the following codes available which have not yet even been previewed on the Blog:

R09 GNW Russian pikemen in kartuz ready
R12 GNW Russian musketeers in tricorne marching
R13 GNW Russian pikemen in tricorne marching
R14 GNW Russian Command in tricorne marching
R17 GNW Russian Grenadiers is fur trimmed mitre ready

There will be a slight delay in the commercial release of our Swedish and Russian Cavalry whilst we solve a couple of issues.