News from the Front Part 3 - Hougoumont and the bivouacs

Skirmishing practice by the 71st Foot at Hougoumont

Continuing my front line report from Waterloo on the very day 200+ ....
Cavalry! Cavalry! Close up!

We started off this morning in drizzling rain walking from La Belle Alliance along the route of attack by the Imperial Guard. The feeling in the group was very excited and full of anticipation. We had a rendezvous at Hougoumont for a showing round the farm at 1100. 
Brunswick muster
At the newly rebuilt North Gate I saw a familiar yet out of place little man with a strange face less than 4 feet in front of me... hmmm now who is this guy? someone I know from work? and why is he wearing a suit in this weather and on a farm track? No, it's..... Nigel Farage... eh??? and yes, it was. Doing his bit for Britain in a foreign land with absolutely no one knowing who he is and no one caring. Yes, the world does iron out its little wrinkles given time. 
Brunswick Avant Garde - a fine body of men
Hougoumont was a fantastic experience. I had expected a bit of a tidy up and getting rid of the rubble. What we got was an absolute treat and one of the museum exhibits of the year! In the Great Barn they have produced a stunning Audio Visual experience with CGI, mechanical moving sculptures, light show, rock concert sound track and wonderful re enactment over lays. I have never in my life heard an audience clap before for a show which involved no human beings. It happened here, twice. 
Leger drill at Rossome
A Red Lancer at the cafe!

Top it off with some of the pix in this post and you get the idea. The bivouacs were wonderful and the pictures tell the whole story. HLI, Avant Garde, Brunswicker Leib Battalion, 95th, KGL, Prussian Hussars, British Line battalions, Leger, Ligne, Garde Chasseurs and Grenadiers, Carabiniers, Grenadiers a cheval, Chasseurs a cheval, Spanish, Italian and Swiss battalions. We even had Austrian Cuirassiers and Uhlans!!
Infantry drill at Rossomme
Spanish Leger - no actually they were!
Chasseurs a pied a Le Caillou
Chasseur a cheval on the road form Le Caillou to Rossomme
Tomorrow we will go to the first of the reenactments. Belgium has really done the 200th Anniversary justice so far. The buzz is palpable the atmosphere crackling with electric anticipation and the weather... well, it turned out nice again!

To beat of drum they came marching down a lane from nowhere
How many chances will I even get to see this again
Offizier - Kurassier