News I thought you might be interested in.. GNW cavalry

Swedes in karpus ready 1

Swedes in karpus ready 2

We have some nice news for all you Swedish and Russian collectors out there...

Cavalry in karpus and kartuz. Initially I thought, a pack of each but we've got a bit wild.

Swedes in karpus charging 1

Swedes in karpus charging 2

Four packs of Swedes - two charging and two ready plus drummers to add to the Command packs.

For the Russians - two packs plus the drummer

Dragoon drummers in kartuz/karpus. Russian left + two Swedes

And as a wee bonus ball - A pack of Horse Grenadiers in the tall mitre so beloved of some collectors!

Russians in kartuz ready 1

Russians in kartuz ready 2

Just got the greens today. Will be sending them off to be mastered on Monday so they are likely to be available commercially at the end of October.

Russian Grenadiers in tall mitre

Good news on the Ottoman cavalry too - it will be out about then also.

Aah! - Next!