Nice work chaps! Warfare Minis Guest Gallery 1

Note: when I first got the idea to do this post I thought it might be a one off. In the end I had enough photos (with many left over) to do a series of 5 posts. I really enjoyed looking at what gamers and painters have done with range.....

Swedish Kalmar Regiment by Jim Masson

I thought it would be nice to show off some of the lovely work that other painters do on Warfare Miniatures and so this post features just that.

An eclectic and lovely mix of work by some names you may recognize and some you may not!

Regardless, these are all super examples of how to do it!

These look very much like the King's Foot Guards to me! By Jez Griffin

Jez Griffin is a very talented painter and makes his living from commissions. I am unsure whether these models were for Jez's own collection or for a customer but they are cracking pieces of work.

Lovely dragoons - Leveson's I believe (or possibly Jacobite - Clare's Dragoons). Jez Griffin again

He paints extensively for many manufacturers websites and his work features in the most popular hobby mags too.

Nice close up of the Guard's Command stand - Jez Griffin again

Jim Masson's Kalmar Regiment from a different angle

Jim Masson has a style that is very gentle on the eye and he likes to do a bit of conversion work too.
He has some family connection to the Kalmar Regiment but I'll let him tell you about that!

A few conversions in here by Jim Masson

Some rascally looking Scots Horse from Jim Masson

Being a Scot, Jim has more than a passing interest in Scottish history. Here are some of his wonderful grey dragoons.

Jim Masson's version of Pontius Pilate's Bodyguard - Dumbarton's Regiment

Jim Purky's  Ostgota Cavalry Regiment

Jim Purky needs no introduction here. He has a wonderful blog full of top quality content and is prolific both on the convention circuit and with his own miniatures range. He has done some sterling work on Warfare stuff and I am very proud o feature his painting here.

Der Alte Fritz's 1st Battlaion Uppland Regiment

The Uppland Infantry regiment 1st Battalion by Jim Purky

The Swedish cavalry unit is superb.

Another shot of Jim Purky's Ostgota Cavalry Regiment

Jim really gets the miniatures to look the way they were designed to - lots of movement and flair!

Soren's base work is outstanding.. the figures are pretty good too!

Soren Christiansen is living in the enemy camp - a Dane who lives in Stockholm! He is also a very talented painter who has completed some outstanding work with Warfare minis.

Soren's level of detail really makes the figures look outstanding

Soren was working hard on an Skane Wars project and did troops for both the Swedes and Danes at the battle of Lund

Soren Christiansen's Swedish Life Guard (he's painted them like is actually a Swede!)

Toggy Bob did these lovely Saxon Garde cavalry

And he did these too!

Augsburger Toggy Bob Talbot is not just interested in 18 wheelers, strawberrys and KFC, he is also a cracking painter and here are a couple of units of Saxon Garde Horse he did for another friend of the Blog, Gunter Heim.