No bears were harmed in the making of...

Recent Facebook posts featuring my teddy bear fur terrain mat has generated a lots of questions. I realized I was going to be typing the same thing again and again to answer queries so thought I just post it all here and direct anyone interested to the blog. Knock yourself out and get messy!

 So here are some tips - 

  1. Think big and be bold. This will give you the best results.
  2. It is not really possible to mess this up because a good result means you'll need to get messy in the first place!

Follow this method:

  1. Get several large tubes of acrylic paint - a few greens, ochre, brown.
  2. Get yourself a set of rubber gloves (dishwashing gloves are fine).
  3. Buy a cheap hair trimmer and a couple of large plastic combs.

  1. Trim the matt to different heights of grass as you desire with the trimmer and scissors - use the trimming heads to get the length you want.
  2. Cut in any roads and tracks you want. If you want to make the roads look better coat those areas in a very thin paste of  sand + wood glue and let that dry.
  3. Use the combs to comb out all the loose fur and be prepared to do this frequently when you are painting. You will get lots of clumps of gooey hair - just discard. 
  4. For painting - squeeze dollops of paint out in small clumps into various parts of the mat - it can be the same or different colours. A dollop the size of a generous dose of ketchup!
  5. Using your gloved hands, spread the paint vigorously and widely, don't bother about the mess.
  6. Once done, comb it vigorously and blend the colours - it works in a rather magical way!
  7. The combing blends the colours and garish shades tone down dramatically.
  8. Keep doing this and cover the whole mat.
  9. Hang up to dry on your washing line.
  10. Voila!