Nos te salutant!

The bare essentials 1500 Friday afternoon - it's all ahead of us

It's all over for another year.. the feeding frenzy that is SALUTE.  Despite the doom laden warnings of imminent economic armageddon and our isolation from the rest of the humanity, the Great British Wargaming Public did what we do best..  Carried on, regardless!

Yes, well, it IS SALUTE and this certainly beats the Hitler Jugend.

The hangar was the usual hot and hectic. I cannot really comment on the show having managed a mere 15 minutes away from the Warfare trade stand between 0815 and 1700. In that brief period I took in three games which ticked the boxes for me... Nantwich's Aughrim, Jed Cronin's Tonkin and I think, Loughton's? Lutzen. All were fine indeed and Dave Marshall's terrain for the Gringo's game was particularly excellent as all of Dave's work tends to be.

Crewe & Nantwich do Aughrim. They were prepared for the 'incoming' about tricornes et al. Nice set up though.

The international dimension of SALUTE is always evident. I spoke with Finns, Swedes, Danes, Spaniards, Italians, Americans, New Zealanders, French, Belgians, Germans, the Englishman a brace of Welshmen and... a few strangers from Caledonia. As the world's premier wargaming trade event it clearly has a lot of pull and people are prepared to travel a long way to spend their cash.

Dave Marshall does give ' Good terrain'. This, the French in Indo China - 1880s

I apologize (again) for not having the GNW supplement released in time for the show but it is almost there as I repeated (as if my Mother had written an excuse note) - repeatedly from the first 1000 surge to the final fade out. It was very encouraging to hear the level of interest in this book.

I think this was Loughton. TYW - very much up my strasse.

Pre-orders included, it was a pretty good show for Warfare. Not the best I have ever had but certainly not the poorest. Great pitch  on the outer rim and lots of nice things begin said about the range despite the fact that I have not released anything new this year...... yet. Glad to see that The War of Three Kings continues to sell well. It always makes the load lighter on the inbound when you don't have boxes of books to haul.

oooh, Boys - You really did want to make an impact with the St Ruhe figure.

Lots in the pipe and imminent. I promise to get the Cossacks cleaned up and production moulded as soon as.

A couple of nice Helion books hitting the market right now which I received  during the day. Charles XI's War looks very good with some nice plates.  Jon Sutherland's new 18th century rules release (name I can't recall) is packed with pictures of Warfare Miniatures from the massive Poltava and Stressow games he has exhibited at Crisis on 2017 and 2018. Thanks for that Jon. Not sure if the publicity was intentional, but whatever the reason, it is an excellent show case which I am certain, delighted the publisher.

Another little glimpse of Marshall Magic.

I am looking forward to Partizan in May. Gwen and I are running a game together for the first time in many a year. She'd better let me win.