One afternoon in Murcia....

Two sessions work here 

I am way behind. I am so desperate to catch up that I decided to step up to the challenges of modern international travel. I carried a couple of dozen small bottles of liquid which may look to the untrained eye like something really dangerous, in a shoe box together with glue, knives and files through four airports in the space of four days to see what happened.

Trent Caribbean stuff originally designed for the 1790s but fine for my purposes

As far as I can determine my box was never opened! I had written some nice detailed messages in Dutch, Spanish and English on the box lid so maybe that did the trick. If not, I am probably more worried than ever now!

Needless to say, by Sunday afternoon I was determined to get something done! I chose a packet of Trent Miniatures Revolting Slaves for my Caribbean project and got to it on the veranda without light or magnifier.

I knew the Mail on Sunday had to be good for something

Listening to some old comedy shows on YOUTUBE I got the little blighters finished in three hours whilst also managing to prep up another seven for the next day. Alas the wheels have come off the bus today as it is 4pm and I am still working.. yes it is a holiday but the family are out, so, don't tell 'em!

Slaves with pointy sticks and other things

I didn't bring the varnish so I am going to wrap my little Trent chappies very well. They are due to fight in a jungle in Dumfries in about two weeks so I need to get a few dozen more done. If I can do a pack a day for the next 4 days I'll be happy. Four days in I have completed 23 and hope to get another eight done tomorrow. We have some very interesting factions for this 1693 campaign weekend including Haitians, Colonial French, Colonial English, Brethren of the Coast, a Huguenot Expedition, Creoles and a surprise! I have managed to paint (quickly) about 200 new models for this little sideshow and they fit well with existing regular army models making the whole thing pretty cohesive looking. I will do some unit features shortly and link this to the small actions version of BLB 3.

A huddle of the Revolting slaves!

So, let's hope fate is with me for the next few days and I get plenty more finished!