Ottoman armoured sipahis - due for release late Spring.

Clib has done and absolutely outstanding job on these armoured sipahis which could be used from the mid 16th to early 18th century with a bit of a stretch either side. The variety is superb and uses the same design principles that have been adopted for much of the cavalry for the last couple of years - split waist style for missle weapon armed men. 

I am honestly unsure whether we have completed 15 or 18 of these as I don't have the sculpts yet but whatever the number, the variants possible are enormous when weapons, attachable arms and body poses are taken in to account. 

As many of you have probably noticed I have limited the amount of cavalry we've been selling for nearly a year now due to casting supply interruption but that period looks like it is coming to an end now. Thankfully.

Nevertheless, travails aside, we have not been idle and there is an enormous head of stuff building up for release. Let's hope Brexit and Covid don't strengthen their alliance against the Wargaming Coalition of the Willing!