Ottoman gunners - sculpts completed

 I have been holding back on certain posts for a while simply because I wanted to see how things were unfolding with Covid and supply chain issues such as manufacturing and master moulding. 

Things are slowly getting resolved but overall, I will have to implement wholesale changes in the way that I get products to market.Ultimately, that will be to everyone's benefit but during the transition, things may be a little disrupted in parts. The overall message is, Warfare Miniatures is growing not shrinking and more, not less products will become available over the coming months. With that in mind, I am delighted to introduce Clibinarium's latest wonderful work. 

A set of dramatically posed Ottoman gunners in a variety of interesting clothes. These follow the same pattern as our other artillery releases with Firing, Loading and Running back groups.

I hope to get these master moulded sometime in September which means they may be available commercially in Q4 of 2020. I have also commissioned Ottoman artillery pieces to accompany them.

Customers have been asking about the availabilty of the mounted Cossacks and Tatars. As the supply chain normalizes, thse finished sculpts will also be mastered meaning, our release schedule over the coming months will be both comprehensive and exciting.