Ottoman news! - they'll be with you very soon

Only one of these models took me more than 45 minutes to paint

Things have progressed so much quicker than we dreamed possible. We have six codes mastered and these should all be available in production quantities before the end of August.

Castings now exist! pre cleaning and snapped in bad light with an iphone.

This means, we will take email pre-orders from the publication of this post for the six codes listed below:

OT001 Janissaries in full dress marching
OT002 Janissaries in full dress standing
OT003 Janissaries in campaign dress firing
OT004 Janissaries in campaign dress loading
OT005 Janissary Command advancing
OT006 Janissary Command standing

Full dress Janissaries

Pack price will be £8.50 as normal. We would ask anyone wanting to make a pre order to email us with the quantity you require and we'll send a paypal invoice. We expect shipping to be in the first week of September.

Campaign dress Janissaries - quick paint jobs. Each took about 40 minutes

What is coming next? By the beginning of September seven new packs will be completed and should be on commercial release by the end of the month. Those will be:

Tüfekçi musketeers firing
Tüfekçi musketeers loading
Tüfekçi Command
Sekban musketeers firing
Sekban musketeers loading
Irregular musketeers 1
Irregular musketeers 2

These are white undercoat and wash jobs - I really enjoyed doing them

With the exception of peasant levies armed with improvised weapons this should allow every Ottoman infantry type to be represented in a table top force.

Easy to paint and a joy to do. I managed to clean up  35 castings  for master moulding in between
As for these paint jobs, they look a lot better than they ought to. I worked on and off for about six hours on all of them with only one being done in a black undercoat and worked up through the layers. The others are white undercoated, washed and occasionally highlighted. The figures themselves made the job straightforward and enjoyable. I was able to crack these out at a rate of knots wait till I really get into gear.

Further news will be forthcoming