Ottomans - keeping them coming!

Managed to complete one full code - Campaign dress Janissaries loading/priming

OK - the big job - prepping 90 models for the production moulds has been done this week, Scraping and filing castings which are not going to be painted is a very tedious job so I punctuated that by quickly painting a few more of the new castings.

One more figure to add to the Campaign dress firing code

These are speed paint jobs - white undercoat, flat colours will only occasional highlights, some washing with inks and 'wash mixes' and then flat varnishing.

trying lots of colour combinations using the quick painting style

I have tried to bash through although some of the models really deserve that little bit of extra love even on a quick paint job.

The washes tone things down nicely

Handing them over for production moulding at Partizan on Sunday which means, they should be commercially available by the end of August/ beginning of September as planned.

Enjoyed doing this wee fella

The campaign dress Janissaries are done in deliberately mixed uniforms as there is no consensus, even for full dress units, that the men wore the same colours.

Wait till Captain Quindia gets cooking on flags for these boys!

Not sure what we'll do for full dress - mono colour or mix! Might try both.

See some of you at Newark on Sunday!