Partizan -debrief

General view of the League of Augsburg table at Partizan

We had the full first team on the park for Partizan on a glorious May Sunday. After a great evening, visiting the Queen's Sconce at Devon Park, walking the banks of the Trent Navigation channel, one or two libations and a nice Thai meal we were ready for action!

We went wandering around the weirs and bridges to keep us out of the Public Houses

Our, nowhere in particular scenario in Flanders 1692/93 was designed to let anyone interested throw some dice, see The War of Three Kings in the traditional Flanders setting and, for a change, actually have a game ourselves.

Scale of the Queen's Sconce - me in the ditch, Toggy on the rampart (defensive wall now removed)

The plan came together perfectly and with three of us for a pleasant change, managing the tricky talking, doing, having a look at the show thing worked out very well.

The formidable defences of the French held village - lovely buildings from Toggy's collection

We covered all sorts of things in our player run through including the use of chevaux de frise, mortars, trenches, infantry combat and the new artillery rules. With a steady flow of interested gamers the day went very quickly.

Clearly not a field piece but the blingy mortar always grabs the attention!

Even more pleasing was seeing another WTK game next door run by Mark Shearwood and the Derby club. Stuart was clearly pleased to see me although I don't know why (perhaps this was when he knew I was actually leaving the table to go elsewhere!).

SP when he heard I was leaving to go back to our table

 As if that wasn't enough we also saw an excellent Donnybrook game running meaning, we had three games running with our rules systems in the same show at the same time. Very gratifying indeed.

Double whammy! - Donnybrook in a ECW setting at the show

Triple whammy! WTK next door courtesy of Mark Shearwood - Beautiful winter GNW game

Lots of lovely games on show although the two that really caught my eye over and above the named efforts above were a Stalingrad game in 28mm by Spike and his mates from the West Midlands and a Crete 1940 game which I think was run by James Morris and some of the guys from Newark. Of course there were many other super displays but with limited time to view it is difficult to be fair and name check so many.

These little fellas went down well on their way to be mastered.

Great reaction to our new Prussians and Danes as I had the masters with me and lots of interest in forthcoming Ottoman releases from Warfare and the GNW supplement to WTK which we are working on right now.

One man in a hole - BH in the lower level magazine area of the Queen's Sconce - pretty big huh?

Helion represented Warfare Miniatures at the show and their little jewel of the day was the new book on the Russian Army of Peter the Great which I believe sold out.

I'll do a feature on the game in detail soon plus something on the super effort by Mark Shearwood and Co.

Great day. lots of laughs and home for 2130. Not bad considering we did about 340 miles one way.