Partizan May 2019 - Warfare pre order and Wagonburg game

The Wagonburg in 'draft' still has a fair amount of work to be done but the idea is obvious.

I am very much looking forward to Partizan on May 19th. The game will be a first outing for my scratch built Wagonburg for the Ottomans. I am still in the process of building bits and pieces of the defence works and equipment.

All of the items are scratch built to some degree.

The biggest question I have is who to put up against them - The Poles or the Imperialists or the Russians. Will have to decide soon but meanwhile I'll keep working on the game bits and bobs the building of which I will explain in further posts.

Mobile gatehouse which can be towed to let troops in and out.

Warfare Miniatures is not trading at the show however, if anyone wants to make an order for collection at the show I will discount it by 10%. Just let me know what you want by mailing me as usual at and I'll drop off at the show. You can pay by paypal before or cash on the day. Anything from Figures, Books, Flag and gaming aids can be ordered.

Some detail around the gate way area. It has two lines of defences - Screens and stakes in first, wagons in second

The new Great Northern War/ Eastern Wars supplement will not be released until after the show.

Meanwhile, here are a few shots of the Wagonburg WiP.