Partizan pre orders

Warfare Miniatures will not be trading at Partizan on August 18th 2019 but I will have a League of Augusburg game on at the show. Not surprisingly, Great Northern War themed.

As the show coincides with the weekend I am expecting delivery of With Talon and Claw I do hope to hand over some pre ordered books that day.

Any figure/flag/book/counters order pre paid and for collection on the day will receive a 10% discount. Just do the usual - mail me with what you want and I'll generate a paypal invoice for it please.

If you want With Talon and Claw  to pick up on the day - delivery permitting, please paypal £26 to me (the discounted price) and send a little note by mail to to say that is what you have done. The paypal address is also

See you at the show!