Poland and Ireland -Wargaming with the LoA at Derby

One of our number is missing! Andy! where are you?
Our most recent gaming event took place at Derby between 10-12 October. We had a big turnout of gamers for this one and had planned something a bit special over the two days. With guests from as far afield as Cuba, Austria and Bathgate it had to be something out of the ordinary!

A piece of Co Galway before the arrival of 50,000 troops
I chose two scenarios which I thought would provide highly contrasting gaming challenges. The first was The Battle of Aughrim, Jul 12 1691. Played out in full, battalion for battalion, squadron for squadron on a magnificent 14 x 6 table this game was going to be a real challenge for the players whichever army the were assigned to command.

The command of Julius von Tettau
Adrian had done an incredible job building the boards and setting the game up was itself a real pleasure. Although some terrain features were a little exaggerated the overall effect was extremely representative of the famous battlefield.

The second game was as much of a change as could be achieved. The Battle of Fraustadt (February 2,3 or 13 dependant on which calendar you fancy) 1706 saw the combined Saxon-Russian army battle it out with General Rehnskold's blue killing machine.

Snowy spectacular in Poland... Woodland Scenics to the rescue!
For this table which was 14 x 6 (with a flank extension) the terrain was relatively simple but a huge amount of sparkle was added with the appearance of some Woodland Scenics snow scatter.

The whole idea was for two teams to battle it out on each of the two table all day Saturday with a table swap and team change around for the Sunday.

Stand firm! Goltz's Dragoons await the blue wave
On the Saturday evening two of our guests who have become regulars at the events were kind enough to put together a very well thought out wargaming quiz and organize our players into teams to battle it out over glasses of lemonade cunningly disguised as hard liquor. For this trial of strength prizes were awarded to the worthy victors.

10 battalions of Swedish infantry ready to roll forward to death or glory!
Derby Conference Centre does not provide haute cuisine but it does a mean line in the food Mother used to make including fried breakfasts, curries, lasagnes, Sunday roasts, apple crumble with custard and cheesecake! Having consumed tonnes of the right stuff over the two days the suspensions of divers motor vehicles took the strain on Sunday afternoon to convey the tired but extremely contented warriors home.

Our blog will of course bring you details of both the games in the near future but for now I think this trailer will whet the appetites of our dedicated followers.

More from the Derby Demolition Derby soon!