Pre ordering with Talon and Claw

It has taken a while to complete and it is considerably larger than I had first intended however, the Great Northern War and Eastern Wars supplement to Beneath the Lily Banners is finally off to the printers.

With Talon and Claw is scheduled for shipment of pre-orders on August 22nd 2019 with general release on September 2nd.

The RRP for With Talon and Claw is £30 ex postage 

USA $44, 10% discounted pre-order

Pre orders will be shipped at the discounted price of 
£26 ex postage. 

For the customers who have already paid for the book but not shipping, we will send a paypal invoice for the difference after the discount has been netted.

The book is 184 pages long, hard backed and full colour.

It contains:
  • An extensive Period Primer.
  • Detailed explanation of troop types and tactics used by the main protagonists.
  • Full rule amendments and updates covering The Great Northern War and Eastern Wars for Beneath the Lily Banners 3rd edition.
  • A points system to build armies for small and large games.
  • Army Builder guides for Danish, Imperialist, Ottoman, Prussian, Russian, Saxon, Swedish armies.

  • 16 pages of flag and uniform plates by Clarence Harrison.
  • Special feature pieces on various aspects of the conflicts.
  • A detailed example game demonstrating key rule features.

We are also offering a bundle deal on pre-orders for those who do not have the core 3rd edition rule book The War of Three Kings.

Both books can be bought for £65 including postage 

by clicking on the bundle deal in the shop and choosing the postage option:
With Talon and Claw plus The War of Three Kings bundle deal
Available in USA for $80

The bundle deal is offered at a pre-order price of £62.00 including postage till September 1st


The special offer on both With Talon and Claw and the bundle deal will finish on September 1, 2019.