Prince 2 - You're up!

Maurice atop the observation platform at the Careenage.

Simultaneous with Rupert's epic capture of the slaver Temperance on the northern shore of the Gambia, his younger brother, in charge of the careenage and lagoon used for repairing the damaged Revenge of Whitehall, has really stirred up the locals.

The Kombans attack!

Their continuing failure to deliver promised fresh water supplies to the squadron has provoked Prince Maurice into taking a large group of Kombans prisoner and he has been executing them at a rate of one per hour for the last twelve hours. His chosen method is hanging from the yard arm in full view of the local population.

The westerly detachment with Defiance lying in the shallows

This has provoked an attack on the now empty careenage area. Honest Seaman only left her mooring within the last few hours to head upriver to locate an alternative water supply.

Komban warriors ready to avenge their brothers.

A strong force of well-armed and furious warriors is now attacking the makeshift defences thrown up by the English crews to protect their working areas.

Defiance readies her guns to give close support

The only serviceable naval support is the newly captured sloop Chastity - renamed Defiance. A further complication is the imminent arrival of an unarmed working party from the lagoon which is now slowly crossing the exposed area cleared of jungle which the English set up as a killing zone to landward of their work areas. 

The work party moving from Lagoon to Careenage.

Maurice's detachments must hold out against a determined enemy bent on retribution and the rescue of the remaining hostages.