Ramillies in 15mm

The French Army
Peter is becoming a regular contributor to the blog. As well as sharing my interest in the Williamite campaigns in Ireland and letting us see his 'military history holiday' snaps he also has a very impressive War if the Spanish Succession collection.
Allied Horse
Peter and his friend Paul have a Christmas 'big bash' and I understand that 2014 featured The Battle of Ramillies 23rd May 1706. One of Marlborough's big four.

Peter was kind enough to send some of his pictures for me to share with blog followers and they are impressive.
Very deep French deployment
I have fought the battle only once and that was about 20 years ago on a 20 feet x 6 feet table using 28mm models. I still remember it to this day. We organized a game for Kirriemuir Wargames Club which was run at the church hall. Alas, I have no available digital photos of that event.
Hanoverian Foot
Enjoy the superb minis from Peter's collection here.