Rawdon Raises an Army, Part Three

Thomas Grove - I've finally finished all my horse for Rawdon's army! Here they are arrayed for battle. No doubt just fleeing Dromore. LOL

Hugh Magill anchors the flank with his veteran troopers. While Rawdon leads is huge dragoon regiment of 3 squadrons personally.

The man himself Arthur Rawdon the Gardner of Ireland! I gave him a fancy uniform laced with gold, and went for a smart Bone colored jacket with brown cuffs. Then touched it off with ocher belt and feathers. Got the idea from one of the Warfare Miniatures Uniforms Guides. If you don't have any yet you are missing out! Well worth the money for the uniform plates alone...not to mention all the extra info.

Rawdon's 2nd Squadron already taking casualties...

And 1st Squadron seems to be having the same amount of luck. My daughter is very distressed by the bleeding horses. She had the same reaction when she saw some of Barry's wounded horses in a Wargames Illustrated advert.

Look at that fancy banner with the Crowing Cock!

Now onto the foot...cya next time.