Ray's Request - Donnybrook Ottomans and Donnybrook force offer

Janissary Vets face European cavalry

An Ottoman Wagonburg bristling with menace - Come and get us!

Ray Roussell blames me for his Donnybrook addiction. I know the term lead pusher could have a totally different meaning in the context of selling minis as opposed to playing with them. I am however probably answerable to both descriptions.

Four ELITE Janissaries with flintlocks and an Officer character

At Salute, Ray told me I needed to get the finger out and produce a Donnybrook force for gaming with Ottomans. I'll do that I casually responded. Ray is much bigger than me and its best to agree with him.

Twelve RECRUIT Anatolian Irregulars with muskets and a Musician character

I thought about the request and them thought about a couple of variants of such a force might look like.

I finally came up with three frames of force. I also seem to remember at I am typing this that I sent a full Ottoman Donnybrook Faction piece to Clarence for consideration a few months back, now where the heck did I put that?

Nine RECRUIT Crimean Tatars

Anyway here are three variants Ray which I hope may be useful.

Twelve RECRUIT Segban musketeers with matchlock muskets and a Sharpshooter character

Ottoman Infantry force

Unit of Elite Janissaries armed with flintlock muskets 4 models
Unit of  Drilled Tufeckci musketeers armed with matchlock muskets 8 models
Unit of  Recruit Segban musketeers armed with matchlock muskets 12 models
Unit of Recruit Irregulars - Anatolian or Balkan armed with improvised hand weapons 12 models

Eight DRILLED Tufeckci musketeers with an Officer character
Ottoman mixed force

Unit of Drilled Timariot Sipahis - armed with lance, pistols and shields 6 models
Unit of Recruit Crimean Tatars -armed with bows and swords - 9 models
Unit of Drilled Janissaries or Janissary Apprentices armed with flintlock muskets 8 models
Unit of Recruit Irregulars - Anatolian or Balkan armed with matchlock muskets - 12 models

Eight DRILLED Janissaries with matchlock muskets and a Standard Bearer character

Ottoman Cavalry force

Unit of Elite Sipahis of the Porte  - armoured, lance, pistols and shield - 3 models
Unit of Drilled Balkan Timariot Sipahis - armoured, lance, pistols - 6 models
Unit of Drilled Anatolian Sipahis - spear, bow  - 6 models
Unit of Recruit Tribal cavalry - bows - 9 models

Dave's GB Arab cavalry guising as Sipahis - Our own Turkish cavalry will be previewed in the coming week.

An the good news is,  I have now had a glimpse of six sets of Ottoman cavalry from Clibinarium!
Sharing soon...

Twelve RECRUIT Anatolian Irregular Archers with Musician character (Dave's TAG bowmen)

For anyone looking  to dip their toes in either the Donnybrook or Ottoman streams I am offering an Ottoman infantry force for Donnybrook as described in Option 1 above with:

36 figures plus 5 characters

which is equivalent to eight packs (£68.00 ex postage) I am happy to do the force for

 £60 post free 

Just email me and head the mail to wordtwister@hotmail.co.uk : Ottoman Donnybrook offer 

Here is the full range of 12 codes available currently. Cavalry will follow before June 2019