Red Bog - 12th July 1691

I've been threatening to do an Aughrim video for the YouTube Channel for a while and finally got round to completing it. The Red Bog scenario is a regimental sized BLB game with 1:10 model to man ratio and is played in the 4PlayX format - 4 x 4 table, 8 turns .

It turned out rather well and got me fired up to continue with the Irish output for BLB, 4Play and background reading and reference material.

You can see the video here 

The scenario will feature in the forthcoming 4Play pack 028 In hoc signo vinces. I hope to be able to take some of tour guests on the Promenades trip to the vey spot this year and they can see for themselves how much like 1691 the battlefield looks.

Some still here too. Try the game, it is a good 'un