Release of Danish battalion packs

 Regiment Prinds Georg or Jorgen

Regiment Jyske or Jutland

Our Danish figures have proved quietly popular. Like the Danes themselves, they have gotten on with it without too much fuss. For wargamers with a practical approach the Danish army during the period 1675-1720 is a great choice. It was almost continuously at war. It can fight in theatres from Ireland Hungary. It can take the field for its King or take the field as a mercenary/subsidy contingent for England, Holland or Austria.

Its regiments were well dressed and equipped, professionally led, possessed an enviable reputation amongst peers and fought in most of the major battles of the War in Ireland, Flanders campaigns and the Danube campaign. During the Great Northern War it had two phases the rather spectacularly unsuccessful 1700 phase and the more credible 1710> phase.

It fought Hungarian rebels during the WSS period as well as the French. The distinctive double breasted coat and tricorne with cockade makes Danish units stand out on the table.

There are currently two Danish battalion packs available from Warfare Miniatures. 

Firing Line

An 'All Grenadier' battlaion representing the Grenadierkorpset can be made up on request. 

Battlaions are £31 ex postage.