Report from the Front

Action during the battle to capture Tortuga from Governor du Casse

I am just back from our latest Weekender epic continuing the campaign to control Britain and its associated colonial territories in 1693. I wanted to post up a glance at what we were doing before flying out to all points sandy tomorrow so, here it is!

The Jacobites last stand? Defending London from Prinz Eugen

We played five games over the weekend; one at Lochailort in Scotland, one on the River Chelmer in Essex, a third on San Dominique, a fourth at Epping and the last on Tortuga.

No, they are NOT zombies Jim.. they are Haitian Death Cultists

The Jacobites recovered hugely from some setbacks in April and have finished the campaign season with King James feeling that the crown is once more likely to look a little firmer on his bonce than on that of his nephew.

Glencoe was avenged at Lochailort when Clanranald massacred the Campbells of Glenlyon

The domestic scenarios although containing an adequate share of politics and intrigue were as nothing to the enormously complicated affairs in the tropics.

Surely this Williamite steamroller at Epping would be triumphant?

This time two new factions appeared - the Bourbon French and the Freeman Cutlers - a Privateer Brotherhood based on the real alliance known as the Brethren of the Coast.

Some of Lou Deemer's Fre man yo Kotla (Freeman Cutlers)

These pictures give a good idea of how the tables looked and with the collections of Bill, Colin, Les, Adam, Mark, Tam, Dave,Toggy and myself in play - we had a very colourful time.

Why were English Creoles fighting under the enemy flag on Tortuga?

The chaps seem happy to continue revisiting the period and are already suggesting scenarios for the next time we do it.

The baited hook - Sugar Plantations on San Dominique the target of the unholy Trinity

For now here is a little glimpse of what we got up to with more full reports including detailed batreps and campaign updates to follow over the next few weeks and months...